10 I.T. Acronyms You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what an IP address was? You may have heard about it, but what does IP even stand for? The computer world is filled with vast number of acronyms to save technicians time when troubleshooting issues. Click below to learn 10 of the most common I.T. acronyms that you can relate to your business.

Phishing is Not Fun!

No, we aren’t talking about a day out on the lake with your buddies with no worries, and no responsibilities. We are talking about email phishing. Scammers successfully commit cyber attack everyday due to the lack of education surrounding phishing emails. Because of this, scammers are able to steal personal information, credit card information, bank information, and much more. But, good news! This article will teach you how to quickly spot a phishing email, and give you the knowledge to stay safe for email scammers!