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Accredited Data Centers founding principle is to supply and maintain the latest technology for our clients, while keeping it affordable and reasonably simple to understand. To accomplish this, we use only the most qualified technicians, continuously trained in the latest advancements, in order to provide the highest quality customer service and solutions.


Accredited Data Center’s (ADC) founders established their roots in the banking world back in the late 90’s. Having over 20 years’ experience, with deep ties in the financial world, the goal in starting ADC was to make Information Technology affordable and understandable to community banks. By nature of the industry, there are some unique challenges posed in dealing with security and regulatory agencies, privacy restrictions, and regulatory audits that require a certain expertise, a specialty if you will. ADC has grown to support more than just the banking world through the years. The high standard requirements that we specialize in have benefited multiple industries. We have taken our expertise, practices, and standards, into different arenas, such as medical, manufacturing, mechanical, landscaping, and many others. Today, we are honored to work with a wide variety of industries while maintaining our roots. Whether you are a small or medium business, or not-for-profit corporation, let ADC help you connect with the affordable, high quality technology you need.



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