Low Voltage

Through our extensive involvement in commercial low voltage cabling, ADC is uniquely qualified to assist you in selecting and installing the right wiring solution for your infrastructure.

Our technicians are continuously training on the latest technologies and standards, so we are uniquely positioned to install, test, troubleshoot or relocate all types of UL listed low voltage wires and cabling for application such as Phone, CCTV, security systems, access control, sound and Audio-Visual communications.

New Building & Remodel

A well-designed structured cabling system for your business is imperative to have a high-performance network for your employees. At ADC, we specialize in professional structured data and voice system installations and are involved in all phases of the project. From design, cable management installation, server room design, to the roughing, and termination, to the cable testing, certification, and labeling. ADC is involved in every step of the way to ensure everything is installed to industry standards specifications with professional results.

Rack and Server Room Cleanup

It can be a very low-cost maintenance item that should be considered by any company that values their network gear, their data, and the ability to be up and running. Over time cables can become spaghetti, equipment can become buried, and power cables get lost in the mess. A clean and organized rack not only looks nice but speeds up troubleshooting and new equipment installation.

Multi Building Communication

Have multiple locations across the city or Country? How about separate buildings close together? ADC can evaluate, design, and implement a fully secured solution for you. From VPN connections to Mesh WiFi to Gigabit wireless beams, we can connect all your locations using the latest technology and most cost effective means available.